Archbishop Jason Gordon during an Easter service at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

Archbishop Jason Gordon is urging the population to observe the Public Health Guidelines when celebrating this Christmas season.

In his Christmas message, the Archbishop said the pandemic has changed how the world celebrates Christmas but he urged Christians to remember the reason for the season.

“This year with COVID it will be different because we have to respect all the protocols, we have to wash the hands, keep the distance, make sure that we wear the mask and we don’t infect each other but still that should not diminish the meaning and celebration of Christmas for us Christians, because we know the reason for the season, God is with us,” Gordon said.

He said while families celebrate with meals this season, they should also remember those who are poor and disenfranchised.

“Christmas is a time of love and let us celebrate by sharing what we have with those who are most vulnerable and as we do that, we will see Christ present in the face of the poor.”

Gordon said the festive season should also be used to bring families closer together and closer to God.