The crime scene investigators attached to the Specialised Evidence Recovery Unit based in Cumuto place markers by spent shells following a robbery that turned into the murder of one man and left another injured from Princes Town at Righteous Lane Extension, Pinto Road, Arima yesterday.

The man who was gunned down on Tuesday at Righteous Lane, Arima, has been identified as Kishoan Ramlogan, 29, of St Croix Road, Princes Town.

Police said some time after 11 am, residents heard gunshots and later saw Ramlogan slumped inside a car parked at the side of the road.

Another man was nearby bleeding from gunshot wounds close by. The police were called in and officers from the Arima Police Station and the Homicide Bureau responded. The wounded man was taken to the Arima Hospital for treatment.

Police said initial investigations revealed that Ramlogan and another man went to the area to purchase a vehicle for $15,000. However, they were confronted by a group of armed men who instead robbed them of the money and shot at them before fleeing the scene.