Police are searching for an Arima woman who disappeared whilst on her way home on Friday evening.
Andrea Bharatt of Arima Old Road, Arima was last seen by a co-worker around 6.05 pm on January 29.
The 23-year-old who is employed as a clerk at the Arima Magistrate’s Court, was in company with a female friend from work when the two got into a taxi at King Street, Arima in the vicinity of Maraj West Side Supermarket.
The driver dropped off Bharatt’s friend at her home in Cleaver Heights, Arima just around 6 pm.
Bharatt was supposed to be dropped off about ten minutes later, but she never arrived home.
When she failed to turn up, Bharatt’s father began calling her cellphone but was unsuccessful in contacting her.
Around 7.30 pm, an unknown male answered the phone and uttered a cryptic message to Bharatt’s father before hanging up.
No further communication has been received since then.
CCTV footage was obtained by investigators as part of the effort to help them identify the car, the driver and the male passenger who had been seated in the front seat when Bharatt and her co-worker entered the vehicle.
Investigations are continuing by officers from the Anti-Kidnapping Unit and the Cyber Crime Unit.

Reporter: Anna-Lisa Paul