A 22-year-old man was gunned down at his home in the wee hours of Thursday morning, reportedly by men pretending to be police officers.

The victim is said to be Sidney Villarael of Bon Air North, Windy Hill, Arouca.

According to a police report, on Thursday 4th March 2021, Villarael was at home in bed, with his mother and brother also at the residence, when, at about 1 am when they heard a loud banging outside their front door.

Villarael’s mother enquired as to who was knocking and a male voice shouted “Police!” and instructed her to open the door.  She complied.

Two men, both armed with firearms, are said to have stormed in and walked to the second room in the house where they dealt Villarael’s brother several blows to the head and instructed him to lie on the ground.

A short while later several gunshots rang out.  The gunmen then ran off.

Villarael’s brother got up from off the ground a short while later and discovered his brother’s body. There were multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

Villarael reportedly died on the scene.

A motive is yet to be established for the killing.

Investigations are ongoing.