Floodwaters run through the yard of an Arouca resident last evening aftera torrential downpour.

Arouca has become an area which is now highly vulnerable to flooding.

Thar’s according to Senior Disaster Management Coordinator at the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government Jerry David.

On Friday an isolated thunderstorm caused flash flooding in the area.

It was the ninth time the community flooded for the year.

The coordinator said work is underway as the area requires engineering solutions to get the water out of the inner communities.

He told Guardian Media that engineers are also looking into flooding on the Arima Old Road as a larger solution will allow the water to leave those communities and find its way easier to primary watercourses.

On Monday the Meteorological Office of Trinidad and Tobago issued a localised flood alert # 1 yellow level.

With a street and flash flooding warning in effect.

David said his team was on the ground helping those in need.

Fallen trees were reported in Sangre Grande and Manzanilla while flash flooding occurred in Mayaro in the vicinity of Farm Road. Firefighters were also out helping pump water out of homes.

The coordinator said November is one of the rainiest months and it has started that way.

He called on citizens in flood-prone areas to protect their homes and get sandbags from the respective Regional Corporation.