Marcelle Riley father of Ashanti Riley moments after viewing the body at the Forensic science centre yesterday.

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For the entire weekend, Marcelle Riley held onto hope that his daughter, 18-year-old Ashanti Riley was not the woman found in Santa Cruz watercourse last Friday.

It was hope that was agonisingly dashed when he accompanied his relatives to the Forensic Science Centre and positively identified her yesterday.

Visibly shaken, Riley walked away from his relatives outside the facility, as he needed time to process what was happening.

Her official cause of death will only be confirmed on Wednesday, when her autopsy is carded to be done, pending the results received from a COVID-19 swab.

The teenager’s mother Candice Riley opted not to speak to the media but her aunt, Lisa Riley, however, urged that her niece’s death be used to bring about necessary changes that would prevent more women from falling victim in such a manner.

In response to the Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s assessment that introducing pepper spray and other non-lethal weapons may not be the solution to the problem as it may not prevent women from being placed in a disadvantaged position where the weapons may still be ineffective while also warning that allowing it for use for would also allow criminals to potentially use the weapons against women.

Riley felt that these weapons if introduced could save lives.

She also called for proper laws to regulate PH drivers.

“But in terms of laws, passing laws which could have prevented this, we need to step up. The PH drivers, we need to advocate for that. we have to get certain things changed. it’s about time,” she said.

Two men were taken into police custody last week, while a third man is being sought in connection to the teenager’s disappearance and death.

The family of Krystal Primus-Espinoza also made the long trip to the Forensic Science Centre but did not speak with the media at the facility.

Her husband, Alvon Espinoza was among those who came to the Federation Park facility.

Primus-Espinoza’s body was found on Thursday not far from where her husband’s crashed Toyota Hilux was found on Penzance Beach, Toco.

Like Riley, Primus-Espinoza’s autopsy has been carded for Wednesday after a COVID-19 swab was taken.