A T&TEC crew survey the landslip at Syne Village, Penal, which completely cut off the SS Erin Road in Siparia following the heavy rains.


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Teams from the Ministry of Works have started assessments of a major landslip at Syne Village, Penal which has claimed the entire roadway.

The destruction of the SS Erin Road occurred on Sunday, around the same time that five landslides wreaked havoc at Palo Seco and Buenos Ayres, Erin. Most of the landslides occurred along the SS Erin Road.

Councillor for Siparia East/San Francique South Ramona Victor said she wanted the landslip fixed soon.

“It is painful because this is the main road. If you want to go to Erin or San Fernando this is the main access road. We also noticed that there is a landslip in San Francique so even if you want to pass through San Francique you cannot pass because there is a landslip too,” she added.

Roberts said the government has not been repairing the roads and landslips in South Trinidad.

“People here pay taxes I am calling on the relevant authorities to do what is possible now to assist us. The government need to consult with the residents who are suffering because of this landslip. People’s homes are cracking. They cannot sleep in the night, they fear for their lives. Come on Mr Minister. Its thousands of people being affected,” Roberts said.

She said the bus service was now at a standstill.

“People earning less now and they can now go back to work but they need the bus. Taxi fares are higher. people cannot afford a taxi. That is why they depend on the bus,” she added.

The deteriorating landslip was highlighted several times by Guardian Media in the past, the latest being on Friday.

Nigel Williams, 46, who lives below the road level, said he was forced to close his parlour since August 3 because of the landslip.

“For the longest while this road always cracking up. Last year they try to fix it and some water line burst again and this is the condition now.”

With no income, Williams said he is unable to do repairs to his home.

Another resident, Lennox Lewis called on the government to build a retaining wall. He said patchwork did not make sense.

Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein said he has spoken to Minister of Works Rohan Sinanan about the problem whose team of engineers have been assessing the problem.

Guardian Media has been calling Minister Sinanan about this landslip since last week Friday, over the weekend and again on Monday. Multiple calls and messages have been unanswered.