Dr Jeremiah Mason, left, helps his mother, retired Archbishop Her Grace Vidya Mason, to cut her birthday cake as members of their church Holy Trinity Spiritual Baptist Archdioceses of St. Joseph sing as she celebrated her 96th birthday yesterday.

Almost a century after her birth, Archbishop Vidya Mason is now considered to be this country’s oldest and longest serving religious leader.

On Thursday, the head of the Holy Trinity Baptist Cathedral marked her 96th birthday reminiscing about her decades long spiritual journey, with a slice of cake in hand.

Fifty five years ago, Mason pioneered the opening of the doors to the baptist cathedral in Mt D’or and ever since, has played an instrumental role in leading the assembly.

The first female archbishop of the baptist church has remained a cornerstone, unrelenting just as time, when a team from Guardian Media visited Mason at the church she was sharp as a tack and quick to reference the word of God.

Four years shy of entering an elite club, Archbishop Mason’s enduring voice still commands the assembly at the church and she has no plans of slowing down, especially since her service is needed now more than ever.

“The youths and them far from God, they moving away, they far from God, they don’t want God.” It’s a battle the religious leader said she has not backed down from all her life, “It was tough and hard, it’s a rugged road, it’s a fight,” she said.

Among Mason’s teachings have been the value of spirituality, importance of family life and service to one another.

Despite her age, she is still able to recall her early life, the age she tied the knot as well as her children. Mason was even swift to correct her fellow worshipper who attempted to trick her by giving her incorrect information when asked about certain elements of her life.

While Mason credits her long life to her faith, she also said it played a vital role, “I like my own way, my way is to eat food, I like provision, I like fish, I like chicken, these are the food I eat,” she said

When asked what was her birthday wish Mason responded resoundly saying: “Peace and love, let’s take stock of our lives before it is too late, I want us to do better.”