SC Ernest Koylass, centre, with St Paul’s Anglican School VP Simone James and Acting Principal Keith Sankar after Koylass presented seven tablets to be distributed to needy pupils from the school, yesterday.

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Long-standing Senior Counsel Ernest Koylass has heeded a call from the Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly to adopt a school.

Koylass, who served in the Judicial and Legal Services Commission, has adopted his alma mater St Paul’s Anglican Primary school, which he attended along with his four siblings.

During a tablet distribution function at his office yesterday, Koylass said he was pleased to assist saying more former students should come on board to help the school.

“In light of the pandemic, and the call of the government and the ministry for persons to adopt a school, no other school came to my mind but St Paul’s Anglican,” Koylass said.

He added that after speaking to his family they decided to adopt the St Paul’s Anglican school and provide tablets so students will be able to access their education online.

He urged the acting principal Keith Sankar and vice-principal Simone James to knock on his door at any time.

Sankar in an interview said that 65 per cent of his school came from underprivileged areas, including the Embaccadere community. Following an assessment of his school, Sankar said at least 45 pupils were without devices and we unable to access online schooling.

Sankar explained that the school has been seeking assistance. He expressed gratitude to Koylass for adopting the school.

Meanwhile, president of the Greater San Fernando Chamber of Industry and Commerce Kiran Singh also donated 100 tablets to students from several schools across south Trinidad. Singh said the COVID-19 pandemic had triggered the digitization transformation of the economy. While the pandemic presented challenges, Singh said it was important for citizens to band together and to work harmoniously towards ensuring that students get their education.

“The future may very well now lie in the technological devices which must now be available to all our nation’s school-children. We want to ensure you (the students) can achieve educational success,” Singh said.

He called on more citizens to contribute towards the support of the educational system in the new year.

In September last year, Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly made a plead for corporate T&T to adopt a school. Within a month, over 20,000 devices were donated.