Friends of Shrikanth Iyer (INSET), who was murdered at his home, planted a tree and erected a monument in his honour at Palmiste Park, Palmiste. From left, Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan, Joe Sirju, Michael Bisnath, Pundit Serendra Maharaj and attorney Kevin Ratiram.

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As friends of slain Indian national Shrikanth Iyer honoured him with a memorial plaque at Palmiste Park in South Trinidad, attorney-at-law Kevin Ratiram called on police investigators not to let the investigation go cold.

Iyer, a manager at General Earth Movers Ltd, died after a gunman shot him on the company’s compound in Vistabella, San Fernando, on November 11.

Up to yesterday, investigators have not held anyone for the murder.

In a brief ceremony on Saturday, Ratiram said it was everyone’s duty to instil in children, the value of human life, empathy and compassion as lives are snuffed out in the blink of an eye.

“I want to make an appeal to those responsible for investigating his death. Sadly he has become a statistic, a murder statistic. It is my fervent prayer that he will not turn out another statistic, being a cold case statistic. I appeal to the Police Service of Trinidad & Tobago, with every fibre in my being, to find those responsible for Shri’s gruesome murder. I appeal to the Police Service to knock on every door, to view every camera, to analyse every cell phone and to speak to every person who can possibly shed some light on who was responsible for his death. I know none of us will rest in peace unless those responsible for his death are brought to justice,” Ratiram said.

Iyer lived in Trinidad for just under a decade, making many friends during his exercises in Palmiste Park in South Trinidad. He even got his company to donate benches and had plans to build toilet facilities for women.

Ratiram said that Iyer was a charitable person, recalling that the last time he saw his friend alive was two days before the murder. He said Iyer visited his home in Philippine to donate $500 to his Rapid Fire Kidz Foundation’s Christmas creche. Members also planted a Primrose tree in the park to remember Iyer throughout the years.

According to a report, Iyer, 26, lived along Purcell Street, Vistabella, with his father in an apartment next to his job. On the night of his murder, he drove his Subaru Legacy into the yard where he usually parked. A gunman ran up and shot him through the glass and ran off. Iyer attempted to drive out the compound but crashed into the gate. Police heard that a drug dealer approached Iyer to assist in a money-laundering scheme, and his refusal may be the reason for his murder. However, no one came forward to give a statement.