T&T Active COVID-19 Cases

Active COVID-19 cases across Trinidad and Tobago are finally decreasing following weeks-long plateauing.

However, August 2021 is about to become the fourth consecutive month where Tobago has recorded its most infectious and deadliest month for the pandemic to date.

From mid-July through mid-August, active COVID-19 cases in Trinidad and Tobago fluctuated near 5,000, as the country had a seven-day rolling average of 200 new COVID-19 cases and recoveries per day.

August 2021 is on track to end with just under or near the July 2021 total case count, with 5,795 COVID-19 cases reported in the last 30 days, compared to 6,018 COVID-19 cases reported during the prior month.

The seven-day rolling average for COVID-19-related deaths decreased during August, fluctuating between six and nine, with only one day reporting a double-digit death toll on August 23 with 12 deaths.

Month-to-date, August 2021 has recorded 208 total deaths, with 185 having at least one comorbidity and 23 having no significant underlying health conditions.

August is slated to become the fourth deadliest month for the pandemic to date, with the top three months, June, May, then July, recording 352, 326 and 230 deaths respectively.

August wasn’t without good news, as the country also reported the second-highest number of recovered COVID-19 patients, with 7,106 patients recovered in 30 days.

In addition, T&T administered the highest number of COVID-19 vaccines in a month, 317,366 doses in the last 30 days.

For comparison, July had the second-highest total with 280,967 doses. Even with the impressive number of doses administered this past month, T&T’s vaccination rate has dwindled to a seven-day rolling average of 6,451, with only 3,295 doses administered in the 24-hour period reported by the ministry yesterday.

Tobago’s concerning situation

Although cases are now declining in Tobago, the island’s Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development reported 721 cases in the last 30 days, breaking the record set just last month where 617 cases were detected. These new cases took Tobago’s active cases to a pandemic high of 636 on August 16, shattering the previous record, before the ongoing surge, with 204 in early June.

The island also reported its deadliest month for the pandemic with 22 deaths in the last 30 days, with Tobago losing its youngest COVID-19 patient, a 29-year-old female with comorbidities.

Of the 22 deaths, 21 had comorbidities, with only one without a significant underlying health condition, and 13 were female while nine were male.

Record-high recoveries occurred during the last month, with 654 people considered recovered over the previous 30 days, nearly double the previous record high of June, with 385 recoveries.

Concerningly, Tobago’s vaccination rate has remained low through much of August with, on average, 288 doses administered per day, well below Tobago’s daily target of 600 doses.