From left to right -- Municipal police officer, ASP Wendell Guzman, Princes Town Regional Corporarion Security Committe Chairman Deryck Mathura, Dave Hosein of JD's Store and Councillor Latchmi Narine discuss security measures for Carnival on Thursday.

With Carnival activities in full swing across the country, spectators and masqueraders are being given the assurance that the region of Princes Town is one of the safest places to be.

More than 100 police officers from the Princes Town Regional Corporation (PTRC) Municipal Police and the various police stations will be out in full force to ensure that members of the public and masqueraders will be safe while enjoying themselves.

Last Thursday members of the Corporation’s security committee headed by chairman Deryck Mathura, together with Municipal Police ASP Wendell Guzman and Insp Charles Lewis, met with the business community regarding security measures for Carnival.

Joining them on the walkabout on High Street were councillors Latchmi Ramdhan and Alvin Daniel.

Mathura said, “We were giving them safety tips and advising them to ensure that they properly secure their property and take steps to ensure the safety of themselves, their family and staff members.”

Commending the Municipal Police for the work they have been doing, he said the officers are working alongside the Central Police, involved in roadblock exercises and clamping down on illegal dumping and illegal drugs in and around the market.

While assuring that the police will be out in full force, ASP Guzman advised members of the public to have fun but act responsibly and pay close attention to their children.

He reminded the public about the ban on glass bottles from 4 am Carnival Monday to midnight Carnival Tuesday. His officers will also be on the lookout for those who might want to chance smoking marijuana in public.

“The only thing is that we have no ticket book. So we will stop you, but is a ticketable offence, not an arrestable offence.”

Corporation chairman Gowrie Roopnarine was also in high praise of the Municipal Police.

“Princes Town and Moruga and will be the safest places (this Carnival) because of the work that is being done by the Municipal Police at the Princes Town Regional Corporation, excellent work.”

He also commended Mathura for the work he has been doing as the security committee chairman.