Andrea Bharatt.

The autopsy of murder victim Andrea Bharatt is expected to be performed some time today, at the Forensic Sciences Centre.

The autopsy had been carded for earlier in the morning but was pushed back, according to sources.

Andrea Bharatt’s father and other family members arrived at the Forensic Sciences Centre just before 9 am, today (Monday 8 February 2021).

The relatives are hoping to obtain further answers about her death in the coming days.

Andrea’s father, Randolph, had told the media over the weekend that he was still trying to come to terms with his daughter’s killing.

Andrea Bharatt was kidnapped in a supposed taxi on January 29th by two men.

She was found five days later in the Heights of Aripo. Her body had been dumped off a precipice in a forested area.

Four suspects have been detained since for questioning.

The main suspect remains in hospital.