Police Constable Alvin Ramkissoon

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An autopsy on the body of Police Constable Alvin Ramkissoon has found he died from bilateral lung consolidation.

Bilateral lung consolidation happens when the air that fills the small airway in your lungs is replaced by something else– usually blood, pus, water or a solid like stomach contents.

Ramkissoon, 48, died on Monday night after being hospitalised for three nights. He was taken to the Sangre Grande hospital on Friday night, after falling ill. At the time, Ramkissoon was vomiting and having diarrhea. He had collapsed at his Sangre Grande home after eating a meal of soup and bar-b-que chicken. Doctors treated him for ingestion of a poisonous substance.

His wife, Lisa Ramkissoon said she was now confident he was not poisoned.

But while her mind is at rest, police sources say they will have wait for the results of a toxicology and a histology report before ruling out foul play.

Investigators seized a plastic container, a styrofoam container and an empty Lucozade bottle from Ramkissoon’s home on Friday night.

In an interview on Monday, Lisa said she had been accused by members of Ramkissoon’s family of poisoning his food. She contended Ramkissoon had brought the food home with him and had not been eating or drinking anything from her since last December.

Yesterday, she said she believes Ramkissoon did not ingest poison at all.

Friday’s incident was not the first time Ramkissoon was hospitalised for similar symptoms.

She said yesterday she was busying herself with funeral preparations.

“Once I get everything done early tomorrow, the funeral will be Saturday. If not, it will be on Monday,” she said.