Kezia Jeneka Guerra

Kezia Janeka Guerra died from multiple stab and chop wounds.

An autopsy on the body of the 26-year-old Santa Cruz woman was done on Monday at the Forensic Sciences Centre.

Dr Parthasarathi Pramanik found Guerra died from “multiple stab/chop incise wounds caused by sharp force weapon.”

Guerra had been missing for six days before her body was discovered in a shallow grave near a river off Santa Babara Road in Maracas, St Joseph.

Yesterday, Guerra’s aunt told Guardian Media her niece’s funeral would be done on Friday.

Her aunt declined to make any other comments.

Police said their investigation into Guerra’s death was active, although the main suspect had died from suicide at his home in Curepe the day after Guerra was last seen.

The casino employee had left her boyfriend’s home in Santa Cruz on Saturday, saying she was going shopping with the man’s teenaged daughter.

Later that night, the man and two others were found parked along Acono Road.

Police officers who stopped to offer assistance to the trio found they were acting suspiciously and held all three for questioning.

However, the men were released later that night officers confirmed there were no reports against any of them at that time.

On Sunday, the man was found dead at his home. Police searches of his home had turned up no sign that Guerra had been there.

Yesterday, police sources said the two other men may be charged with offences relating to Guerra’s murder.

Neither was in custody as they were both said to be quarantined after testing positive for COVID-19.

PC Ali of the Homicide Bureau is continuing investigations.