Sparkles Jaisarie and her father Koongebeharry. He was found murdered on Tuesday after going missing in Tobago on June 4.

An autopsy is scheduled to be conducted on murdered businessman Koongebeharry Jaisarie at the Forensic Science Centre in St James today.

Jaisarie’s body was taken to Trinidad from Tobago yesterday via the fast ferry around 11.30 am. Relatives told Guardian Media the body was transported in a police-escorted hearse.

Police exhumed Jaisarie’s body from a grave that was covered with a concrete slab behind an abandoned church at Lowlands, Tobago, on Tuesday. Jaisarie, 64, had gone to Tobago to undertake business at the E-Zee Breezy Hotel on June 4. He was a co-owner of the hotel and made the trip to pay workers and supervise renovations. When he failed to show, his daughter Sparkles alerted relatives who conducted a search and a police report was later made by his ex-wife, Tobagonian Carol John, who also travelled with the body to Trinidad yesterday.

Yesterday, his brother Bobby said he was mortified to learn that he had walked on the spot where his brother was buried when they were searching for him since the church is located next to the hotel. Bobby said while they were walking in the churchyard, his elder brother Takechand got a worried feeling as he observed a pile of dirt behind the church had been levelled. That pile of dirt, Bobby said, had been the same way for years.

“It seemed odd at the time but I am now horrified to learn that my brother was buried under that same spot we walked on. … This has me mortified,” he told Guardian Media

Bobby said the concrete poured over the grave may give the impression his brother was dealing with members of the criminal underworld but this was far from the truth.

“My brother was a Coast Guard officer and a light aircraft pilot who worked hard for what he had,” Bobby said.

“While he was in the Coast Guard he had his eyes set on a parcel of land in Chaguaramas, which he eventually acquired. After that, he backfilled the property over several years using debris from landslides and even rubble that was cleared from the streets of Port-of-Spain after the 1990 coup attempt. He eventually opened a parts place, mini-mart and had a few rental apartments. He was a hard-working individual.”

He said Koongebeharry’s love affair with Tobago led him to the arms of Carol John, whom he married in March 1983. The couple had three daughters and two sons before they divorced. The two boys died when they were infants. Koongebeharry also had a daughter with a Trinidadian woman in the 1990s.

Bobby said the family is demanding swift justice.

Speaking via phone from the United States yesterday, the victim’s daughter Sparkles again said she wants to come to T&T to assist in catching her father’s killers. She said her attorney had filed an application with the T&T High Commission in the US on June 14 requesting permission to enter the country but had received no response. Sparkles said she wants to have a meeting with National Security Minister Stuart Young to ensure the matter is not swept under the carpet. She said the concrete over her father’s body was the shock of the century for her.

“They should dig up the entire compound,” Sparkles said.