Sherise Williams, died after she fell while walking to the bathroom at the POSGH after a C-section.

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Relatives of Sherise Williams, a young mother who died a day after undergoing a caesarian section last week, say they want a second autopsy to be done on her body.

An autopsy done on Friday at the Forensic Science Centre revealed that Williams died from a blood clot.

Williams, 30, a babysitter of Santa Cruz, died after falling down at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital last week Tuesday. She had been hospitalized for six days but had been in labour for two days before she underwent the surgery.

Her sister Shonise said the nurses advised her to walk a day after the surgery. It is believed she was walking to the bathroom unattended when she collapsed and hit her head.

Shonise said her sister was a caring and hard-working mother who had promised her son Nehemiah, aged 5, that she would return home within ten days with his new baby sister.

Last week, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said investigations were ongoing into Williams’ death.

“The establishment of a committee will be guided by the advice given to me as minister, by the director of Women’s Health, the Chief Medical Officer,” he said, adding that the family’s wishes will be taken into consideration and counselling will be provided.

Asked whether Williams’ death was preventable or not, Deyalsingh said all of the maternal deaths recorded are “non-preventable due to patient factors.”

He noted that in the public sector, 40 per cent of expectant mothers only turn up for screening in the second and third trimester of their pregnancies and is a contributing factor in maternal deaths.