A 15-month-old toddler was killed after she was chopped on the head during a domestic dispute last night.

Guardian Media understands doctors tried feverishly to save the baby’s life at the San Fernando General Hospital, but Soriah Williams died around 10:23 pm on Sunday September 19th. 

Initial police reports indicate that around 8:15 pm, the suspect was liming in the gallery at the baby’s home at Toradale, Ste Madeleine, with the baby’s grandmother and mother. He began arguing with the grandmother before going inside and returning with a cutlass.

The suspect reportedly began firing chops at the grandmother, but instead struck baby Soriah who was sitting on her grandmother’s lap.  The grandmother also was chopped her left hand and right wrist. Their screams alerted the villagers, and the man ran into the house and locked himself in a back room.

Holding her unconscious and bleeding baby in her arms, the mother ran out of the house and a neighbour took them to the hospital. On the way they flagged down a passing police vehicle and told them what happened.

The police officers went to the house where they spoke to the grandmother and arrested the 58-year-old suspect. The police also seized a brown wooden handle cutlass that was still in the suspect’s possession.

The police also took the man to the Princes Town District Health Facility to seek medical attention.

Investigations continue.