Parandaye “Mala” Choon weeps as she searches through the burnt rubble for personal belongings after her home was gutted by fire in Ackbar Trace, Avocat, yesterday. Luckily, her 11-month-old granddaughter was rescued from the fire.

Although a Fyzabad family’s holiday preparations turned into sorrow when fire destroyed their two-storey home, they are considering it a Christmas miracle that their 11-month-old baby was rescued from the blaze.

When the fire broke out shortly before midday, nearby workers heard the wails of grandmother Parandaye Choon and ran into the burning house to save her granddaughter.

While thankful to the workers and that the baby was unharmed, the family is hoping kind strangers will help them rebuild their home and their lives.

The fire left ten people, including five children, homeless.

Choon, 57, also known as Mala, was power washing the yard at Ackbar Trace in preparation for Christmas while her 12-year-old grandson Brian was upstairs doing online classes. He called out to her alerting her about a fire.

“When I do reach the bed done on flame already, I couldn’t do nothing. I leave and I run down and I pull out the power washer to get the hose to wet the fire down and I couldn’t reach up to wet the fire.”

She said her daughter-in-law then reversed the car from the yard.

“I stand up in the yard and I keep on bawling and bawling. I tell she where the child was, same time some county workers working on the road, they say, ‘mom what happen?’ I say it have fire, I say go see if you could save the child for me, an 11 months baby.”

Choon said her six-year-old grandson was also home, but he was not hurt.

“I did power washing to organise for Christmas, was just to go to the grocery and make a lil shopping now and I can’t go nowhere now because all my documents gone, my ID card, my bank card, everything gone.”

Choon said she also lost $3,000 cash and her grandchildren’s books and devices were destroyed as well. Her grandson Brian, is set to write the SEA exam in March.

Choon’s husband died five years ago. She lives with her two sons, two daughters-in-law and five grandchildren, ranging from 11 months to 15 years old. She believes the fire started in the main electrical box.

“I asking for a lil assistance and a lil help for what I could get to build over an apartment for my family,” she said.

Meanwhile, Avocat/San Francique North Councillor Doondath Mayhroo is asking good Samaritans, business people and non-government organisations to help the family.

“This will be one of the worst Christmas for this family. We are asking good samaritans and those who will assist in rebuilding this structure for this family.”

He said the children will also need devices and schoolbooks. “Whilst the entire world will be celebrating Christmas this family has lost everything and they will be in a state of sadness and despair.”

Anyone willing to assist the family can call 388-7824 and 318-0476