Fuad Abu Bakr

Fuad Abu Bakr says he is contesting the Port-of-Spain South seat under the New National Vision (NNV) party. He says even the PNM saw his potential when they screened him for that seat and the NNV is well-poised to stage an upset in the party stronghold. He says it’s unfortunate that the party decided to go with Attorney Keith Scotland, “because he (Scotland) will be on the losing end of an election battle for Port-of-Spain South.”

He added, “I was the choice candidate by the PNM until they kicked me out.”

Abu Bakr said that in past few weeks, during his walks throughout Port-of-Spain he is faced with people who want to thank him for helping to broker a peace deal between warring factions within the community.

He said while on Nelson Street on Sunday, women came up to him to say that for the first time in a long time, their children could play outside safely, without fear of “a shoot-out, or a drive-by”.

This is why, he said, he is confident that the people of Port-of-Spain South will be brave enough to decide in his favour.

The NNV hasn’t made any of their candidates public other than its political leader. Abu Bakr said he is guarding his list jealously until it is ready. He says the NNV has plans to contest 21 seats in the election and will focus on a few specific ones. However, he says success for them could mean a win of only two to three seats. “If any party in Trinidad and Tobago has the ability to get two or three seats, God bless this nation. We are going to see a phenomenal change in the way that politicians deal with each other, and also the way they deal with the people of Trinidad and Tobago.”