Farmer Mohan Singh shows the clogged water channels at  Bamboo Number 1.

Farmers operating out of Bamboo Settlement Number 1 want the relevant authorities to clear clogged irrigation channels.

Mohan Singh, 72, spokesman for the 20-plus farmers operating in the area, said if the channels are not cleared of weeds it would reduce the amount of water available for food crops grown in that area.

Singh said life is already difficult for the community and any water shortage for agriculture in the oncoming dry season would see crops failing.

Guardian Media visited the area on Sunday.

Singh said farmers get water from a tributary that connects the San Juan River to the Caroni River.

However, the river has become overgrown with weeds.

Singh said the roots of the waterweeds run deep, clog pumps and compete with farmers for the scarce supply in the dry season. In the rainy season, the weeds clog the watercourses and contribute to flooding. Singh said in the past farmers used their vehicles to drag the weeds from the channels. However, roads in the area have become impassable. He said several requests were made to the Drainage Division of the Ministry of Works to have an excavator enter and clear the area.

He said work was done before the last General Election where a malfunctioning sluice gate was installed and never repaired.

Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sininanan and MP for the area Terrence Deyalsingh, did not respond to calls or text messages when asked to comment on the issue.