Bamboo Village residents, led by Ganeshdath Khoon Khoon, held a silent protest along the north and south-bound lanes of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway yesterday, calling for the proclamation of the Bail Amendment Bill, and protection of women and girls.

As the call for changes in legislation and T&T’s culture to protect women and girls reaches a fever pitch, about 50 residents of Bamboo Village #1 added their voices to the outcry yesterday.

The group came out around 9 am yesterday, standing on the shoulder of the Northbound and Southbound lanes of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway with placards.

The leader of the group, Ganeshdath Khoon Khoon said they were joining with the rest of the country in sharing their disgust at the state of affairs in T&T.

“We are standing in support of families who lost their family members and missing family members and this is just our way to ask the politicians to come together at this time to make the right changes and help protect our women and girls in the country,” he said.

Khoon Khoon said politicians need to put aside their differences to pass the Bail Amendment Bill, which grants Magistrates the right to deny bail to an accused person charged with firearm-related offences and violent sexual assaults.

He said women should be allowed to carry items such as pepper spray to defend themselves and the Judiciary needs to be held to account.

“See there are so many comments being made about people being outside because of the failure of police officers to show up in court- but is that the real problem? Or is it that our judiciary is actually failing us in terms of our judges and lawyers?” he asked.

Khoon Khoon said the citizenry needs to force the politicians to make the necessary changes. He said citizens also need to let go of their “seven-day outrage.”

“We are the ones who put the politicians there, so we are the ones to tell the politicians we want to change now. We are not going to stop here because the Trinidadian mentality is to stop after seven days. With the current outcry and how bad things are getting, it takes more than seven days to make change,” Khoon Khoon said.

He said the group will continue their demonstrations for the next seven Sundays.