Bandits kidnapped a PH driver and handcuffed him to a tree for two hours while they reportedly “handled a scene” with his car.

They then returned for him, put $20 in gas at a service station and then gave him back his car.

Guardian Media understands the 30-year-old driver’s frightening ordeal began around 6:30 am on Wednesday, when he picked up two men in his white Tiida at Claxton Bay Junction.

Reports are that as they approached Trinidad Cement Limited, one of the suspects pulled out a gun and ordered him to swing into the road on the left after TCL.

The bandits instructed him to stop and get out of the car. The reportedly assured him they would not harm him, saying, “yuh not going and dead, we just want yuh vehicle to handle a scene”.  The men then handcuffed the PH driver behind his back and ordered him to lie down on the back seat.

The bandits then drove to the gas station near Flower Pot Beach in Pointe a Pierre and put $42 in gas in the vehicle.

They drove for another 25 minutes to a forested area where they ordered him out of the car and handcuffed him to a tree. 

The men reportedly left with his vehicle for about two hours. When they returned, they put him in the car then drove to Pointe-a-Pierre gas station, put $20 in gas in the vehicle, and drove to Claxton Bay.

While exiting the vehicle, the bandits instructed the PH driver to wait ten minutes as they walked away.

The victim contacted the Couva Police, who referred him to the Marabella Police.  He arrived at that station around 2 pm to make his report.

PC Ragoo is investigating.