The MoneyGram outlet inside Massy Stores in Cascade was closed following yesterday’s robbery.

Two armed bandits posing as customers accessing the MoneyGram service at Massy Stores in Cascade, yesterday robbed the cashier of an undisclosed amount of cash before they escaped on foot.

The daring robbery occurred between 11.30 am and noon, even as customers continued to shop, unaware of what was taking place metres away from where they were conducting their shopping.

Reports indicate that the armed men entered the store pretending to be customers and waited until the lone cashier opened the door to get out of the booth, before donning ski masks as one of them held a gun to her waist and backed her into the booth.

One of the men reportedly entered the booth with her and took the money as the second kept watch on customers and other employees outside.

The two men then quickly left the store.

When Guardian Media visited the store around 2 pm, the MoneyGram outlet was closed but members of the public could be seen going about their business in the supermarket as usual.

However, several employees registered their trepidation at the store management continuing other operations as normal following the incident. The store’s supervisor was unable to provide any information when approached.

Police reviewed CCTV footage and interviewed employees afterwards and investigations are continuing.