T&T Miss Universe 2012 representative Avionne Mark.

Carnival may be a scheduled 282 days away but already there is a buzz of concern and anxiety as to whether the greatest show on earth will take place due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The NCC( National Carnival Commission) Chairman Winston Gypsy Peters has already asked for 90 days to decide.

But that hasn’t stopped masqueraders from seeking their interest.

One of those people is former Miss Trinidad and Tobago Avionne Mark who hits many fetes and has played mas consecutively for the last nine years.

Partying aside, Mark is a model and benefits financially from Carnival here and overseas.

But, according to her, the risk is not worth it.

“My concern is the health and honestly if there is no vaccine, there should be no crowd gatherings or access for casual entry to Trinidad.”

In a letter to the “Tribe family” yesterday, bandleader Dean Akin said many people have made contact asking about the plans for Carnival 2021.

“We are humbled by your faith in TRIBE, but we too are at the mercy of this virus. The official Carnival date is nine months away and given the current state of affairs in the world, it would be premature of me to make a declaration about it at this time.”

Akin acknowledged that this illness is life-threatening and that there is likely to be an economic aftershock that will affect many people, including the entire Carnival ‘eco-system’.

However, his focus was more on the preservation of life.

“At the same time, bringing people together, knowing the risks associated with COVID-19, would be irresponsible. I believe that it will only be safe to return to the streets when a vaccine or treatments are developed and widely available, or when the experts sufficiently relax social distancing rules.”

“You cannot be ‘the life of the party’ without life, so protecting lives, therefore, comes first,” he added.

TRIBE is responsible for the bands, Tribe, Bliss, Lost Tribe, Harts, Rogue, and Pure Carnival

Another band leader Ronnie Mc Intosh of Ronnie and Caro said he too has been inundated with calls from people here at home as well as from those abroad regarding next year’s festivities.

He said his approach is to always seek guidance from the health experts, the NCC and the government as safety is paramount.

But he conceded that “you cannot be vexed with somebody for being excited.”

McIntosh, said, however, that he knows “there are a lot of Carnival haters out there just making comments” and he is just watching silently but only paying attention to the experts.

He said many of these “haters” never participated in any aspect of Carnival in their lives.

As it relates to preparation, McIntosh said his team has already started to do design.

“We still have to prepare,” he said.

He said once the green light is given, he is certain that Carnival 2021 will be a “bumper” one.