From left, Std 4 teacher Lyndell Beepot abd principal Sandra Chan Chow, of Palmiste Government School, with students Karishma Harrilal, Anjanie Hussein and Jadon Mc Daniel, Harrylal Sukhdeo and his granddaughter Christiana Sookdeo at the handover of the devices

Shastri Boodan

Harrylal Sukhdeo used money he earned from selling boiled channa to buy mobile devices for students at three rural schools.

Sukhdeo, who operates Fat’s Restaurant and Bar in Palmiste Village, Longdenville, said while his bar business was not doing well because of COVID-19, his sales of boiled channa remained profitable.

On Wednesday he donated mobile devices to students of the Palmiste Government School. Sukhdeo said his grandchildren attend Todds Road RC School and Caparo RC School and teachers there told him several of the students did not have mobile devices to connect to online classes.

Sukhdeo, who regularly contributes to the rural communities that support his business, appealed to other businesses in the community to assist the needy children.

He said there are no major businesses in communities located along the Brasso Caparo Valley Road and the closure of Caroni (1975) Limited put a majority of residents there on the breadline, Many of them have since had to depend on Cepep, URP for employment.

Nisha Ramjattan, whose daughter, Karishma, received one of the devices said she was grateful for the donation. Ramjattan said her family does not have an internet connection and she has to spend up to $100 for a five-day data plan.

The family lives at Thompson Road, Palmiste, and Karishma who is in Std 5 and was the school’s top athlete for 2019 and 2020, is one of many students in the community in need of mobile devices.