Princes Town MP Barry Paradath on his return to T&T on Saturday.

Outgoing UNC Princes Town MP and candidate Barry Padarath returned to T&T at 2:30 pm on Saturday.

His daughter, Sejal Lara Padarath, a US citizen, accompanied him. They left Miami on Friday, overnighted in Antigua and arrived in T&T on a charter flight.

They must now begin a two-week quarantine period following COVID-19 protocols at the Chancellor Hotel in St Ann’s, a hotel designated for state-supervised quarantine.

Padarath accepted this condition for his daughter and his entry into the country offered by National Security Minister Stuart Young and Padarath also agreed to cover their expenses.

Padarath said “I’m well and in good spirits. I was able to assist three Trinidadians in returning home.

While I’m happy to be back home, it’s a bittersweet feeling. I know what it is like now having been one of those Trinidadians caught outside the borders for several months.

“While I understand and respect the advice that has been provided in terms of the closing of the borders by the medical personnel particularly the CMO Dr Roshan Parasram, I’m also mindful of the hardships that many Trinidadians are facing, some as far away as Qatar and as close as Barbados begging me to assist in bringing them home.”

Regarding the Governemnt’s decision for T&T to host the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 tournament, he said that was a slap in the face of all Trinidadian nationals still stranded and suffering outside the borders of the country.