The controversial flyer issued by One Tobago Voice party, urging Tobagonians to vote on issues rather than for political party. (Image: OTV)

The Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) reportedly is up in arms after a picture of their Tobago West candidate Tashia Burris Grace surfaced on a One Tobago Voice (OTV) flyer, posted on its official Facebook page, on Sunday. The flyer also contained a photo of OTV’s Tobago East candidate Juliana Henry-King.

The flyer was also sent to Guardian Media by a spokesperson for the party.

The flyer reads:

“Tobagonians should not be voting party in General elections. Tobagonians should vote for two (2) candidates to go to the Parliament to speak on Tobago issues without having to be given permission by anyone in the Parliament to do so. Tobago must Play as a Team or Lose by the Fault(sic).”

Reacting to the flyer on Facebook, one of PDP’s Deputy political leaders, Dr. Faith B. Yisrael, wrote:

“Allyuh is…crazy people???? Like they really want to see what a “tantrum” looks like??? So just just so all you go take the woman picture and put on allyuh poster/flyer/or whatever it is??? Just so??????”

Dr. Faith told Guardian Media the PDP would make an official announcement on the matter later on Sunday.

Guardian Media reached out to the OTV’s steering committee chairman, Hochoy Charles, for a comment on the matter.

He said he is unaware of it.

“What flyer? Where? We met up to Friday but, we did not decide on a flyer! However, that is our message,” he told Guardian Media.

Charles’ The Platform of Truth party joined the Tobago Forwards (TF) and the Tobago Organization of the People (TOP) to form OTV.

Charles has endorsed the PDP’s Burris as the party’s candidate of choice but has opted to not support the candidacy of the PDP’s leader, Watson Duke’s.