Darren Joseph, who lost his common-law-wife Ornella Greaves during Tuesday’s protest at the Beetham Gardens, speaks to Guardian Media.

An autopsy on the body of Ornella Greaves, the pregnant mother of five who was shot during Tuesday’s protest along the Beetham Highway, has concluded that she died from gunshot wounds. But the woman’s common-law-husband, Darren Joseph, left the Forensic Science Centre in St James a disappointed man on Friday because many of the questions which he had were not answered.

Joseph, 41, of Fourth Street, Beetham Gardens, said the result given to him was that Greaves died from a gunshot wound. But he said there were no details.

“They ain’t tell me the details like if the bullet fragments seized or nothing or how many shots or where the bullet entered and exited…nothing,” Joseph said.

“The police are not telling us anything too, but as for now we are just trying to tie up the papers so we could go ahead with the funeral arrangements.”

Joseph said as of yesterday no counselling had been offered to the family.

“No counselling yet for us either but everything straight with us so far,” he added.

Greaves, who was four months pregnant, was standing among protesters along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway on Tuesday when she was shot by a bullet believed to be from the gun of a police officer, who was standing near to her.

However, the police are saying that she may have been shot from someone else as people were randomly shooting during Tuesday’s unrest.

Joseph said he is willing to meet with the Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith once he reaches out to him.The Police Complaints Authority has initiated an investigation into the fatal shooting of Greaves.