Trinidad and Tobago's seven-day rolling average for vaccinations.

Trinidad and Tobago is sixth in the world as the countries that performed best in vaccination campaigns over the past week.

This is according to Head of Our World In Data Edouard Mathieu in a Twitter post today.

The post looked at the percentage of populations vaccinated over the past week.

Ecuador leads with 13.6 per cent of its population, followed by Ireland and Malaysia with 8.9 per cent, Denmark at 7.8 per cent, Cambodia with 7.4 per cent and Trinidad and Tobago at 7.3 per cent.

France follows with 7.1 per cent and Sri Lanka. Spain and Portugal with 6.9 per cent each.

The Ministry of Health’s 24-hour reporting period between Thursday and Friday also showed the highest number of vaccinations in any one period, with 14,540. The figure refers to the number of jabs, whether they be first or second doses.

The day before, July 22, was 13,890 and July 21 was 11,911.

In fact, data from the Ministry of Health’s website showed that 72,774 jabs were administered in T&T between Sunday and Friday.

Of those, 58,370 were first doses and 14,404 were second doses.

Prior to Saturday’s COVID figures being released, the number of first-dose vaccinations stood at 308,661 and second-dose vaccinations were 179,382.

It means T&T is likely to cross 500,000 people jabbed (1st and 2nd doses combined) before the end of this weekend.