A 24- year old man was charged with burglary and larceny. He is expected to appear before a Sangre Grande Magistrate on Monday 27th September, 2021. Details follow in this press release from the TTPS:

Officers of the Manzanilla Police Station have arrested and charged a 24- year old man, of Lyder Trace, North Manzanilla, for Burglary, Larceny Bird and Larceny Cage.

On Friday 24th September, a woman reported to the officers, around 10:30 pm on Thursday 23rd September, she secured her home and retired to bed. About 4:15 am she was awakened by a noise in her bedroom, she saw a man, who she was able to identify, standing in her bedroom. She raised an alarm and the man ran through her front door and escaped.

Sergeant Bhim and other officers of the Manzanilla Police station conducted an investigation, and as a result of the investigations, Justin Baptiste aka “Birdman” was arrested and subsequently charged for Burglary. As the investigation expanded Birdman was also charged for the offence of Larceny Bird and Larceny Cage, which was reported on Saturday 3rd July 2021.

He is expected to appear before a Sangre Grande Magistrate today, Monday 27th September, 2021.