Anika Joefield from Bishop’s High School- 2020 CAPE Merit List

Yesterday, the Bishop’s High school celebrated its many continued achievements with a principal’s holiday.

Rynesha King, Sade Martin and Gabrielle Murray, Phoebe Garner, Debra Amata, and Tori Isaac were on the Caribbean Examination Council’s Merit List their performances in the 2020 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination.

Anika Joefield and Treverra James were also on the list for their Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) performances. James is an open national scholarship winner.

The school’s principal (Ag) Cindy Ramnarie commended the teachers for the role they played in the students and the school’s success.

“Despite the pandemic circumstances and the hasty shift to online school, they (teachers) stood steadfast with our students using whatever resources they could invest in.”

She thanked the Division of Education, Innovation and Energy for its support. She also thanked the children for their dedication and focus, and the parents for supporting the children and the school.

“All our students’ achievement is a reflection of their steadfast application, their teachers’ commitment, and the provision of a supportive environment by the school and the students’ families, even in the face of the difficulties brought on by the pandemic,” she told Guardian Media.

Ramnarine said the students have “all been well involved in school life, upholding the school’s mission to develop well-rounded students.”

The acting principal also gave thanks to God for His grace and goodness to this country and the nation’s children.

Meanwhile, the two students, who are on this year’s CAPE Merit list, said they are also thankful to God, their parents, and teachers for seeing them through their exams.

“ I would like to thank God, my parents, and teachers, and my classmates for helping me to achieve this success,” Anika Joefield said.

Anika said she hopes to fulfil her dream of becoming a sports nutritionist. She aspires to go attend university in the United States or Jamaica.

Treverra James, who appeared in the spotlight earlier this year for winning a national open scholarship, said she is “humbled” to be on the Merit List.

“ It feels so great to be recognized. It’s an honour to have been recognized for such a way regionally. I am grateful to my teachers, both in school and out of school, for all the hope and support they have given me thus far.”

She said their support is even more appreciated during the pandemic.

“They kept me focused and encouraged me to push through.”

Treverra has aspired to be involved in dietetics.