The new year, 2021, got off to a bloody start as two men were chopped to death in separate incidents in Morvant and Macoya on January 1.

In the first incident, around 4 am, Morvant resident Darryl Villafana was hacked to death in front of his daughter and months-old granddaughter as the nation welcomed the new year.

The 50 year old, of Coconut Drive, was killed when two masked men entered his home.

Pleading with the killers to spare her life as she pointed to her young child who lay asleep on the nearby bed, Villafana’s daughter watched as the killers walked to a waiting vehicle and spoke amongst themselves before they drove off.

Recounting how terrified she was when she burst into his home begging for help and safety, Villafana’s elder brother Russell cried on Saturday as he said his brother did not deserve to die that way.

Russell, who lives just a few feet away from Darryl, said he was asleep when the incident occurred.

He told the Sunday Guardian, “Darryl’s daughter does not live with him, but she came to spend time with her father for the new year.

“They didn’t cater for her because she does not usually be there. His house is easy to open so they went in and found the three of them asleep. My brother said (name called) what is this one boy…and with that, they began chopping him.”

Admitting he had been asleep and did not realise what had happened until Villafana’s daughter entered his house crying and shaking, Russell said, “She tell me she begged them over and over to spare her because she just had a baby. They leave her and walked outside to a car that was waiting for them, they jump in and stayed a little while before driving off. She was inside peeping and did not come out until the car left.”

He believed his brother, who worked as a PH driver and did odd jobs in the area, was killed over a woman.

Russell claimed Darryl had gotten close with a woman who lived nearby and it might have been this association that cost him his life.

He said it was only after Darryl’s death that he learned of the verbal threats that had been made towards his brother.

Russell claimed a report had also been made to the police, but he could not confirm if any action had been taken.

In the second incident around 9 pm at Macoya Extension Road, Tunapuna, Aarif Mohammed, 43, of Assaraff Road, Charlieville, was killed during a domestic dispute with two Venezuelan nationals who were said to be his relatives.

Up to late Saturday, a Venezuelan father and his two sons, aged 20 and 24, remained in police custody.

When Sunday Guardian visited the apartment complex where the murder occurred, one man who witnessed the incident said he had just returned home when the brothers informed him their uncle, Mohammed, was on the way to their home to “make trouble.”

Requesting his name not be published, the eyewitness said, “By the time my family went inside, I see the uncle coming with a blade in his hand and the two guys run back upstairs and lock up. I thought the uncle left and then I see the boys come back down to check and see if he gone, but then he (Mohammed) suddenly come back and start firing chop.”

Pointing to a corner near to his house where the trio ended up in a scuffle, the witness said he advised the boys to “tie him (Mohammed) up because I called the police and they coming now. I went to move my van and saw the man tied up and when I come back, I don’t know if they lash him or what.”

Defending the brothers who have been working as farmers for the past two years, the witness said, “They are good boys. Since they have been living here, they haven’t gotten into trouble with anyone. They are hard workers and they each have newborn babies so they working and minding their children.”

Revealing the suspects’ female relative had been in a relationship with the victim, the witness claimed the dispute had begun earlier in the day and escalated by the evening.

Sunday Guardian was told the police officers had recovered the cutlass used in the incident.

Investigations are continuing into both incidents.

The murder tally as at December 31, 2020, was said to be 396.

Decomposing body found in Maloney

Meanwhile, the decomposing body of an unidentified man was found in Maloney Saturday morning.

Around 10 am, residents of Building 20, Maloney Gardens, contacted police and reported that a foul stench was emanating from the apartment. When officers arrived and entered the house, they found the deceased.

Crime scene officials visited and canvassed the area in a bid to retrieve evidence.