Randy Richards, Head of Outbound Logistics at Blue Waters, with the shipment of donated bottled water shipped to Guyana on June 21, 2021. (Image courtesy Blue Waters)

Blue Waters Products Limited has donated some 5,040 cases of purified water (410 ml size) to the Guyana relief efforts, as that country attempts to recover from disastrous floods.

In the past few weeks, Guyana has experienced widespread flooding which has destroyed homes, ruined agricultural crops and caused widespread flooding of roadways preventing access to many communities. The Guyanese Government has estimated that over 6,900 households have been impacted by the floods.

In an official statement, Blue Waters CEO, Pradeep Subrian, reports that the donation was made possible with the assistance and logistical support of the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturing Association, Tricia Coosal, and Chief Operating Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce, Michelle Gonsalves.

“Blue Waters is pleased that we can assist the Government of Guyana and the families affected by the flooding during these difficult times,” Pradeep Subrian says in the release.

According to the release, the Blue Waters shipment was delivered to Bowen Marine at Chaguaramas, on Monday 21st June, by Randy Richards, Head of Outbound Logistics at the company.  Director General of the Civil Defence Commission, Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig, is expected to receive the donation in Guyana.