Romel Lewis

Sascha Wilson

Loud explosions were heard hours before the body of Romel Lewis was found but no one investigated because the area is a hunting ground.

Police said around 8.50 am on Monday, a national of Pakistan working on a farm, stumbled upon the body while on his way to work.

The body was on the roadway near a bridge at Suzanna Trace, Palmyra.

Lewis, 30, of Plaisance Park, had been shot.

Police inquiries revealed that between 10 pm and 11 pm on Sunday residents reported hearing three loud explosions but no one checked as it is a norm to hear loud explosions as hunters hunt in that area.

The hunting season was closed on March 1, but people were given until March 31 to dispose or consume of game animal carcasses.

Police recovered two spent shells of 9 mm calibre at the scene as well as Lewis’ driver’s permit.

Just four years ago, Lewis’ sister Christine Joseph was also murdered.

She was stabbed several times and her throat slit.

Her body was found in front of the home of her estranged boyfriend, Keyon Roberts.

Roberts’ burnt body was found in a teak field not far from his home.

Police believed that Roberts took his own life after he killed her.

Guardian Media went to San Fabien Road, Gasparillo which was the address in the police report but was told that Lewis’ family moved out of the area some time ago.

When his mother Roxanne was contacted on her cellphone, she said she was at the Forensic Science Centre, Port- of- Spain.

Subsequent calls to her cellphone went to voice mail.