Subhas Ramkhelawan managing director of Bourse Securities Limited, left, presents laptops to the principal of Woodland Hindu Primary School, Khemraj Gheraw, yesterday.

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While technology has become a critical educational tool in this COVID-19 pandemic, a computer device alone will not pave a path of success for children.

So said former independent senator Subhas Ramkhelawan during a simple ceremony yesterday at the Woodland Hindu School where his company Bourse Securities donated laptops to the 26 SEA students.

Said Ramkhelawan, “The providers can bring water to the horse but who will make that horse drink. First the child, second the teacher, and most important on the list, the parents. If you do not do your part that is a dead device that does not have any real meaning. And we hope and pray that from the perspective of our team at Borse what little we have been able to give will have real meaning and real purpose and provide very good results.”

Ramkhelawan said they decided to give back to the school not only because it was his alma mater but because there was a need.

“And when principal Khemraj said every student is in need, not one had an up to date laptop and one had a laptop that was more than eight years old that was the information we got. So therefore rather than adopting one or two of these children our team said you know what we are going to adopt and we are going to make available each and every child on this occasion, access and proper access to a laptop.”

As a former proud student, he recalled that the teachers were hardworking and dedicated in an environment where there were “very humble facilities.”

In this difficult and challenging period, he said while the nation is stressed everyone has to do their path to give back and assist those in need.

“It has often been said that the best gift that can be given to a child is the gift of education or access to education and therefore it was very easy even in a COVID environment, even the times of declining income for businesses, for individuals and indeed the government of the day that we must find it in loud hearts and in our pockets to give that support and give that assistance.”

Recalling that Ramkhelawan was the first student in the school to pass for Presentation College, principal Khemrak Gheraw said the laptops were the most generous gift the school had ever received.

“The motto of your company Mr. Ramkhelawan is adding to your value. I can assure you sir that you have added value towards the educational development of these fortunate 26 pupils.”

Thanking the company for its generous gift, SEA teacher Ravi Balkaransingh said the devices would go along way in helping the students prepare for their examinations.

“As a class, the teacher, and students we offer upon to you the management, the staff, and all those responsible and associated with Bourse Securities Ltd our fervent promise to put into good use the laptops you have so generous student and bestowed upon us. Come Monday when asked how we are progressing towards the SEA in local parlance our refrain most likely will be, like a boss.”