Claire Fitzpatrick

Curtis Williams

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BPTT has not had any disruption to its supply of natural gas even though it has been forced to make changes to its operations according to its Regional President, Claire Fitzpatrick.

Speaking recently on CNC3 The Energy Sector, Navigating the Crisis, Fitzpatrick said to date there has not been any disruption, even though she concedes as time passes it will be come more difficult.

“In the month of March we have had no supply disruptions and I am hoping obviously that it will continue, but it gets increasingly challenging as we go on, to maintain the activity levels that we need to do, but its our jobs to work out what we need to do to ensure that happens. Specifically we have been looking at what is the minimum we need to ensure continuity across our operations.” BPTT’s Regional President revealed.

The company produces more than half of the country’s total supply of natural gas and is a major shareholder in Atlantic LNG.

Fitzpatrick said BPTT’s primary objective has been ensuring the health and safety of its employees and the safe operations of its business in T&T.

She said BPTT started its response planning months ago and it has made changes as time has gone along.

“We actually started our response planning in January as we started to see things developing…We actually stood up our crisis response on the 14th of March and coinciding with that was our decision to move to work from home for those non essential members of our team while also building out a plan to minimise the exposure for those who are in fact travelling to site and who are in fact doing very vital work in helping us to ensure we are keeping the gas supply to the country.”

Fitzpatrick said BPTT had also taken steps to reduce number of interfaces that occur among members of its staff and made adjustments to its transfers including having different shift rotations.

The company was one of the first to announce work from home and this was expected to end tomorrow but has now been extended for another month.

This means its offices around Queens Park Savannah and at Galeota Point remain closed.

She explained: “Originally we had closed the offices from the 16th of March to the 15th of April. That has subsequently been extended to the 15th of May. Now the Trinidadian government, they have extended their essential worker only, through to the end of April, we wait and see what the government does beyond that. We will not look to do anything less than the government and we may stick with the global position of BP, particularly if that supports the objective the government has.”