BPTT Head Office, Queen’s Park South, Port-of-Spain.

Curtis Williams

[email protected]

BPTT, the country’s largest natural gas producer, has said it is planning for a phased return to its Port of Spain and Galeota offices but notes that it will be based on what the government decides, in terms of its re-opening timelines.

In response to several questions from Guardian Media the company said it will also have to allow time for the implementation of new health protocols including the issue of social distancing.

“BPTT has begun planning for a phased return to the workplace for both the Port of Spain and Galeota offices. The timing of office reopening will be based on guidance provided by the Government at its upcoming announcement along with allowing time for our facilities and health teams to implement office health protocols to observe social distancing and other workplace readiness measures prior to employees being allowed back into the office.” BPTT told Guardian Media.

The company had closed its doors for a month and asked its non essential workers to operate from home since March 15th and it then extended that to May 15th. However employees told Guardian Media that they have been notified that the extension of the work form home would continue until May 31st.

BPTT said while the global company had taken a decision to keep its offices closed through to the end of the month different countries had the right to vary their timelines.

BPTT told Guardian Media: “Globally, bp has taken the decision to extend remote working arrangements until May 31 with the recognition that whilst this is global guidance arrangements will vary from country to country based on varying national guidelines and local conditions.”