Former councillor Paras Ramoutar has called for the re-establishment of the Brasso Police Station with immediate effect after it was closed last December.

Ramoutar made the call in an address at Santa Phillipa Junction, Caparo on Saturday evening at a candle vigil for Anrdrea Bharrat and all other young women who were murdered or missing.

Some 300 villagers, young and old joined in the procession under the direction of the Grand Couva Police as participants observed COVID 19 Protocols.

Pundit Seereeram Maharaj and Pastor Wilfred Samaroo gave blessings for the procession, and also called for serious actions to curb the runaway crime situation.

Ramoutar said, “With the man-made Aripo Cemetery is now becoming filled, the culprits have now descended in Ccentral Trinidad, following the discovery of a body in Tabaquite two weeks ago.”

He said the recent closure of the Brasso Police Constabulary has caused, “great pain, fear and disturbance for the thousands of residents of Caparo, Chickland Road, Mamoral Nos 1 &2, Flanagin Town, Tabaquite, Brasso Piedra, among several other communities.”

Describing central Trinidad as “an area of darkness, Ramoutar called on Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith “to rethink your approach to close down police stations at your will and fancy. The people of Caparo and environs, and by extension Trinidad and Tobago, need police surveillance more than ever.”

He said, alternately, the Commissioner of Police should consider establishing a Police Post in Caparo with all the urgency at his command.

“Parents and young women, fear for their lives and are in a very desperate situation as if there is any form of security or freedom in the country, we do not know where these thugs would strike next. Within recent days, residents have complained to see undesirable elements scouting the community with a white Tida car”, Ramoutar said.

Ramoutar said it was serious time that crimes, in all its forms, must stop, and called for the establishment of a National Crime Commission to assist the Minister of National Security”.

Ramoutar recalled in 1996, he had called for the establishment of a police post as it stands now, the only Police Station from Chaguanas is Rio Claro, considering it is a 60 miles stretch, and no police surveillance and support along the roadside.

Residents expressed disappointment with the state of crime in the country, and they see no hope or solution in sight.