CTTRC Chairman Henry Awong along with Brasso Venado villagers stand inside one of the landslides and chant and demonstrate for a new road, yesterday.

Disgruntled residents of Brasso Venado protested on Friday morning demanding the authorities fix the roadway which is littered with numerous landslides.

Brasso Venado is a community located in the central range and has only one major roadway in. The population of the village is around 300.

Spokesman Mary Maloney said the residents are fed up complaining and feel they are neglected because they live in a rural community. Maloney said several landslides and bad roads are causing woes for commuters to get in and out of the village.

Maloney said the villagers feel they are neglected because they are peaceful people.

“If we were warlike and making a lot of noise then they would hear us.”

Maloney said the bad roads are also affecting the young people “We are the forgotten village in T&T and we deserve better.”

Maloney said the authorities are treating the community as if they were not part of the country.

Henry Awong, the Chairman of the Couva/Tabaquite/ Talparo Regional Corporation and local government representative for the area, said the road is the responsibility of the Highway’s Division of the Ministry of Works. Awong said the CTTRC is willing to help by way of heavy equipment and manpower if the ministry provides the raw materials to reconstruct the roadway. Awong said he has written to the ministry of numerous occasions for the past three years and has not gotten a response. Awong said the Ministry of Works Brasso district is suffering from a shortage of equipment and manpower. Awong said the road needs a total upgrade.

He said the bad road makes it nearly impossible to bring emergency services to the community.

Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan said based on funding some level of work would be done but the ministry would ensure that the road remains passable for the Brasso Venado community.