LSA Healthcare Services managing director Leela Ramsingh, right, and contract administration sales employee Kathleen Lawson.

LSA Healthcare Services (LSAH) brought smiles and school supplies to children in their community of El Socorro. The LSAH Ltd team, led by managing director, Leela Ramsingh, initiated a Community Outreach in support of the youth in the community of Panchoo Lane and environs, Boundary Road, El Socorro.

Continuing their COVID-19 “good neighbour” relief efforts, LSAH placed special emphasis on the school children of their community who are currently learning at home. Ramsingh and Team LSAH, inclusive of employees from various departments prepared “Happy Bags,” comprising school supplies, snacks and other goodies which were delivered to the recipients’ homes on a fortnightly basis.

The Happy Bags of the last distribution comprised of special SEA packages, for those students who were preparing to write the SEA exam. LSAH wished the students great success in their exams and reminded them that though times may seem uncertain now, this is a temporary bump in the road which we will get past as we all head to better days.

Ramsingh said, “As with life in the new normal, good hygiene begins with us; so let’s continue to wash hands regularly, mask up and practice physical distancing at all times.”