Lutalo “Brother Resistance” Masimba.

Lutalo Masimba, President of the Trinbago Unified Calysonians Organisation (TUCO), popularly known as Brother Resistance, passed away on Tuesday night. 

Condolences were sent out to family, friends and the Calypso/Rapso Family.

Masimba born in 1954, was well known for pioneering the Rapso music movement in the 1970s, which led to the formation of the Network Rapso Riddum Band.

The band brought out their debut album “Busting Out” in 1981, and Brother Resistance became one of the Trinidad’s best known rapso performers.

He delivered many albums over the last 30 years including: Tonight is de Nite (1988); Heart of the Rapso Nation (1992); De Power of Resistance (2000); and When De Riddum Explode (2006) with well-known hits ‘Tonight is De Night’, ‘Ring De Bell’, ‘Mother Earth’, and ‘Handclapping Song’, among others.

Masimba also wrote a book in 1986 called “Rapso Explosion”, a book of poetry and an insight into the history of Rapso.

His work was instrumental in highlighting Rapso music.