Minister of Foreign and Caricom Affairs Dr Amery Browne.

Shock and sadness at yesterday’s insurrection by pro-Trump supporters in the US Capitol of Washington DC.

That was the position of the T&T Government yesterday as members, including Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, monitored the chaotic events that broke out when armed mobs loyal to outgoing President Donald Trump stormed Capitol Hill. Some broke into the Capitol building, smashing doors and windows.

Many T&T-born US-based residents watched in horror and amazement as the events unfolded on their televisions yesterday. A T&T-born Philadelphia based resident lamented the “craziness” that occurred. Another in New York wondered how the mobs had reached as far as being able to break into the Capitol building without being halted by security.

Staff members of T&T’s Embassy in Washington were advised to stay off of the city streets, Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Amery Browne said.

Browne added, “It is sad and disturbing to witness these scenes of chaos and near-insurrection in Washington DC. I have been in touch with our Embassy staff in that city, and have encouraged our Ambassador and the entire team to stay safe and off the streets.”

“The Prime Minister has been monitoring the situation very closely and he is being kept abreast of all relevant developments. The absolute breakdown in law and order in the capitol city of the United States of America, and the disgraceful attacks on the transition of power following their Presidential Election, are cause for deep concern and sobriety.”

“We have seen live on our television screens the descent into chaos of the US’s proud and much-heralded democratic traditions. We hope and pray that good order would soon prevail, and that the people of the United States would emerge from this crisis as a more peaceful, lawful, tolerant, and democratic society. As a close friend and neighbour of the United States, Trinidad and Tobago wishes that country only the best outcomes from the appalling situation in Washington DC and the terrible scenes at the Capitol Building.”

UNC MP Dr Roodal Moonilal said, “What has occurred in the US is a very serious matter that requires resilience on the part of the American people and we trust that law and order will be maintained while allowing for people to give vent to political expressions but this must be done within accordance with the laws.”

“It is a tragedy people have been injured and it appears the security forces needed reinforcements. But Americans are mature and have developed a democracy that certainly has the capacity to manage this type of crisis.”

Moonilal, however, added, “But this is also a warning to countries like T&T that has deep-seated divisions and leaders must exercise greater care and maturity in addressing national issues, so we don’t, intentionally or not, create deeper conflict that overspill into uncivil behaviours.”

“It is my hope this matter in the US will be resolved in the shortest possible time and no one will be further injured or suffer any serious damage during this period of tension. It is critical the rule of law is maintained while giving expression to the values that define the American character.”