Dr Amery Browne

Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Amery Browne yesterday said “dialogue and diplomacy are the tools of our trade.” His comment followed media reports that Indian High Commissioner Arun Kumar Sahu had fired back at the Government for saying that he was responsible for the lack of donated vaccines from India.

“I have noted quotes in several newspapers attributed to the current High Commissioner of the Republic of India which express public criticism of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,” Browne said.

“There were also published claims attributed to His Excellency the High Commissioner which referenced a view that the Prime Minister had engaged in “personal attacks” against him. However there was no evidence in the articles of any such attacks. It is in the interest of both nations to prevent any such tensions from growing.” he said.

Browne said dialogue and diplomacy offers the potential to “bring us closer together even than before, and have been successfully deployed to resolve differences far greater than the ones that currently confront us”.

He added: “I have always maintained good communication with High Commissioner Kumar Sahu, and up to Friday March 19 reached out and made multiple attempts to engage in further dialogue to help resolve the situation.”

Guardian Media reported that Sahu was unavailable for that call from Browne and the two have not spoken. Sahu on Friday said he had not spoken to Browne on the vaccine issue.

“I have since taken additional measures toward a dialogue with the objective of achieving a resolution in the shortest possible time,” Browne said.

A resolution has become necessary as both men blamed the other for misinformation about the 500,000 vaccines donated by India for Caricom.

Rowley told Guardian Media on Friday that a difficult situation was “created by the behaviour of the High Commissioner”.

He said the situation was not helped by the appetite for and proliferation of misinformation fed to the media in furtherance of the many and varied agendas.

Sahu, also on Friday, said a Government should not attack a High Commissioner.