The Buccoo Reef ferry.

The Buccoo Reef will be taken out of service on Saturday 12th March 2022, to undergo its scheduled dry-docking works in compliance with the shipbuilder’s warranty.

An advisory issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Transportation Company Limited (TTIT) explains the land base works will be carried out at Berth #3 at the Port of Spain harbour from March 12th, following which the vessel will proceed to Caribbean Dockyard (CARIDOC) for out of water works.

The vessel is expected to resume service by Tuesday 12th April 2022.

TTIT assures that while the Buccoo Reef is out of service, there will not be any disruption in the inter-island operations as the T&T Spirit, APT James, and the Galleons Passage will continue to service the Inter-Island sea-bridge.

TTIT is encouraging the public to access further information by contacting them via:

Phone  625-3055, 623-9353
Ext 215, 212, 211, 201 & 202  
639-2417, 639-2668
WhatsApp  723-1179723-1179
Email  [email protected][email protected]