According to Gabriel Faria, Team Trinidad and Tobago needs all her players focussing on ending the crime scourge.

The Chief Executive of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce says the country needs all hands on deck to deal with the crime crisis.

Gabriel Faria says almost every citizen believes there is a crisis and that something must be done to take back T&T from the hands of criminals.

According to Mr Faria, Team Trinidad and Tobago needs all her players focussing on ending the crime scourge.

“Unless we all have a congruence of goals, we cannot fight the criminal elements in Trinidad and Tobago,” he says.

And he promises that the business community is committed to doing its part.

“The private sector is fully committed to working with the government in power to address this crime scourge. We are willing to provide management support,” the TT Chamber CEO states. “I can tell you that many private sector organisations are throwing financial support behind this. They are assisting the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service in providing management and financial support. But this is bigger than the Police Service can handle. So we need to work together with a congruence of goals, and we can win this battle. We are committed to doing that.”

The opposition has repeatedly called for the current National Security Minister, Stuart Young, to step down, saying rising crime statistics are a clear indication he cannot do the job.

But the TT Chamber CEO has challenged Opposition MPs to throw their support behind Government’s anti-crime initiatives, instead of using crime like ‘a political football’.

“We cannot continue changing people,” Gabriel Faria asserts. “We need to support and we need to see the action taken by whoever is in power. I believe the private sector is willing to support any minister who is going to take the necessary action. The Government does not need to do this alone.”

The national security minister says he will be meeting soon with various sectors of the business community and other stakeholders, to discuss strategies to deal with the crime situation.

Gabriel Faria says he is looking forward to the upcoming discussions.

Story by NEWS DESK