Takechand Jaisarie brother of murdered business Koongebeharry Jaisarie, second from right, speak with relatives Forensic Science Centre, Barbados Road, Federation Park after they received the autopsy report yesterday.


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An autopsy on the body of Carenage businessman Kongebeharry Jaisarie has not been able to determine how he died.

The autopsy was done yesterday at the Forensic Sciences Centre in St James two days after Jaisarie’s body was found buried in an eight-foot deep grave behind an unfinished church building in Lowlands, Tobago.

Jaisarie’s brother, Takechand Jaisarie, said the family will not pursue a second autopsy as they believe Jaisarie’s body was too badly decomposed to determine a cause of death.

But he said the family is holding on to hope that the police will be able to find the people responsible for Jaisarie’s death.

“I hope there will be justice served and I am very confident that people will be arrested and face the consequences of this heinous crime that my brother did not deserve,” Takechand said.

He said he could not say whether his brother had any enemies or whether he was engaged in a land dispute with anyone.

Takechand said the family has started making funeral arrangements but with three of Jaisarie’s children residing in the United States, they are sending out an appeal to National Security Minister, Stuart Young.

“We are hoping that Minister of National Security and the Government will understand and probably grant them some exemption so that they can come here to take part in his funeral and pay their last respect and dues to their father,” Takechand said.

Takechand said he is two years younger than Jaisarie and they enjoyed a close relationship. He said he called Jaisarie, a former Coast Guard officer, at least once a week.

“The last time I called him was actually the day after he was last seen. So he went missing on June 4, I called him on June 5, in the morning time. He didn’t answer but I didn’t think too much of it at the time until a few days later when his daughter Sparkles called and asked if we had heard from him,” he said.

He said he did not see his brother often, as Jaisarie lived in Carenage, while he lives in Princes Town.

Sixty-four-year-old Jaisarie had gone to Tobago to conduct business at the E-Zee Breezy Hotel, next to the church, on June 4. He was the co-owner of the hotel and was expected to return to Trinidad on the same day. His daughter, Sparkles Jaisarie, tried reaching Jaisarie several times and when she could not, she contacted other relatives to search for him.

A police report was made by Jaisarie’s ex-wife, Tobagonian Carol John that Jaisarie was missing.