Central businesswoman Donna Mark.

Central businesswoman Donna Mark plan to engage in an ambitious project of posting the photos of missing persons on billboards across T&T.

Mark said social media is just one of many platforms that can be utilised to assist in the search for people who have mysteriously disappeared.

Mark, 46, said she became saddened when she learned of the recent murder of San Juan Ashanti Riley and felt that it was time she got involved, since she too has a 21-year-old daughter.

“We must send a message that all daughters matter, we all have children and as a mother I felt hurt (when she became knowledgeable of Ashanti’s murder). I believe mothers in the country are also hurt,” Mark said.

“I am speaking out today because I want this to stop. I want to see something good happen in our country. Society has gone beyond, our culture has become numb to murder. Our young generation has a say and I feel the need to come out and say enough is enough.”

Mark, who runs a photo studio, said she plans to raise funds in the new year to get billboards installed across T&T to post images of missing persons. She said she plans to call the project the Ashanti Alert, in line with similar programmes in the United Kingdom and the US.

Mark said she is hoping to get the support of the business community to make the plan a reality.

On another note, she said mental health issues in T&T also need to be taken seriously. She said many times an abuser is also a victim of abuse.

“Mental issues are a serious problem in T&T. Going to a psychologist does not mean you are mad, it means you are seeking answers. There are underlying conditions that lead someone to do the horrific things that they do,” she said.

• Mark can be contacted via Instagram or [email protected]