MV Cabo Star

Passengers who arrived in Trinidad on board the Cabo Star, on Thursday morning, have been allowed to leave the vessel and it is being sanitized.

Passengers said they were originally told they could not disembark.

This was confirmed by Chief Executive Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Inter-island Transportation Company Vilma Lewis- Cockburn.

Asked to confirm information, from passengers, that they were allowed to disembark, and the vessel return to Tobago at 4 pm today, she replied:” Confirmed.”

Asked about the rumour that port authority workers were refusing to work, on the lone inter-island cargo ship, because it was not sanitized, she said: “That is not true. As we speak the vessel is being sanitized.”

Passengers, who left Tobago on Wednesday night, said they were not given any information on why they could disembark on Thursday morning.

They said two foreign crew members were taken off the vessel, by two separate ambulances, when the ship arrived in Trinidad.