Isaiah Chioke Cadet

Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant The family of murdered Isaiah Chioke Cadet, 25, is said to be very distraught over his death and are trying to forge ahead to give him his last rites soon. Speaking with the Guardian Media, comedian/actor Errol Fabien, who was a close friend to Cadet’s mother, slain TV personality and activist Marcia Henville said those, people, like himself, knew Cadet as a “peaceful and quiet-spirited” person. On Wednesday, shortly after 3 pm, several gunshots were heard along Mehelal Street in Aranguez.When police arrived on the scene they found two men in the front seat of a Toyotamotorcar with gunshot wounds. Cadet appeared had already succumbed to hisinjuries, while another man, who is yet to be identified, was taken to the Eric Williams Sciences Complex to be treated for multiple gunshot wounds.A team of homicide officers and officers of the North Eastern Division under Senior Reminiscing on the past memories, Fabien said he knew Cadet when he was just a primary schoolboy, “I know him as a primary school child coming to Gayelle every evening after school with his mother to be taken to their home after that.’ Fabien said that just before Henville was murdered in 2015, Cadet had a running with the law.

Guardian Media understands that he was arrested and charged on gun-related charges.

However, Fabien said he and his Gayelle family took Chioke and helped him. He added that a then executive producer at the Gayelle station took Cadet and was a Guardian to him.Fabien said Cadet’s friends are taking his death “the hardest” s they had plans together and had to cancel at last minute. He added that Cadet was supposed to return to St Lucia where he had migrated too several months ago but because the borders were ordered closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic he was forced to remain in Trinidad. “His family that I know, a brother and sister, they very distraught, saddened…we are trying to forge ahead with final rites – we just want to get this over and behind us now,” Fabien said. “We don’t know the circumstances and we don’t know if anybody cares about the circumstances. We want to grieve,” an emotional Fabien added before he suddenly ended the call with the Guardian Media yesterday afternoon. Cadet’s last known address was at Mandevilla Avenue, Penco Gardens, Longdenville, Chaguanas.Residents there reportedly told the police and in recent times they observed “strange activities, people and cars frequenting the house that Cadet stayed in.” Preliminary investigations revealed that Cadet’s murder was somewhat linked to the murder of Shawn “Pablo” Alleyne of Sawmill Avenue in Barataria. Alleyne was at his home on Tuesday night at about 11 pm when a masked man stormed in and shot Alleyne five times killing him on the scene. It is believed that Alleyne was owed money and subsequent to him being murdered, police believe that Cadet went to collect Alleyne’s money but was instead killed. Investigations are continuing.